We met Tracy and Ben almost three years ago when they asked us to shoot their Chatfield Botanic Garden wedding. When Tracy emailed me and told me they had little Josephine about a year ago and wanted to do family pictures, I couldn’t have been more excited! I love seeing our couple’s families grow. Audrey and Josie are the sweetest. Here is a peek into their session. Enjoy!  2015-08-24_0003 2015-08-24_0004 EhrlichFamily2015--362015-08-24_00052015-08-24_00062015-08-24_00072015-08-24_00082015-08-24_00092015-08-24_00102015-08-24_00112015-08-24_00122015-08-24_00142015-08-24_00152015-08-24_0013

On warm overcast day in Edwards, Colorado Meryl and Austin invited their closest friends and family to join them to celebrate their love for one another. Meryl was glowing the entire day and that veil!? Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. It was her mothers! Beau and I are so honored to have captured such an amazing day. We love weddings that contain so much depth and emotion. This wedding had it all and we loved every second of it!

Christine from The Soiree Studio did an amazing job putting the day together and making sure it went smoothly.

To see Meryl & Austin’s slideshow click HERE.

2015-08-21_00012015-08-21_0004 2015-08-21_00032015-08-21_0006MerylAustin-1072015-08-21_00082015-08-21_00092015-08-21_0013MerylAustin-1842015-08-21_00152015-08-21_0014MerylAustin-812015-08-21_00172015-08-21_00182015-08-21_00192015-08-21_00202015-08-21_00212015-08-21_0022MerylAustin-2712015-08-21_00252015-08-21_00282015-08-21_00262015-08-21_00302015-08-21_00292015-08-21_00322015-08-21_00332015-08-21_00352015-08-21_00342015-08-21_0036MerylAustin-4872015-08-21_0040MerylAustin-5312015-08-21_00452015-08-21_00422015-08-21_0043MerylAustin-5652015-08-21_00442015-08-21_00462015-08-21_00382015-08-21_00392015-08-21_00472015-08-21_00482015-08-21_00502015-08-21_00522015-08-21_00512015-08-21_00532015-08-21_0049Coordinator/Day Of: The Soiree Studio  |  Venue: Vista At Arrowhead |  Makeup Artist: Liz Boyle |  Hair Stylist: Eliza Pooler |  Wedding Dress Brand/Boutique Name: Watters Sisi from Emma and Grace |  Florist: Rose Braden- Rose Petals |  Caterer: Vista |  DJ, Band- Skyline Productions